2024 marks 20 years RWS have been assisting doctors in their private practice. It continues to be a privilege to help you.

Caroline Chaplin and the RWS team

2024 marks 20 years RWS have been assisting doctors in their private practice. It continues to be a privilege to help you.

Caroline Chaplin and the RWS team

RWS provides comprehensive support and assistance for doctors in private practice. We help you to create the practice you want – one that is professionally satisfying, minimises your administrative burden and offers turn-key solutions. 

We are a one-stop-shop of services for doctors covering everything from running your virtual office, building and maintaining your referral base, to hiring staff, fitting out rooms and so much more!

We have been helping doctors in private practice since 2005  and have assisted 1000+ specialists across the full range of clinical areas.

We place a premium on versatility and flexibility – on being able to provide effective support no matter what task you bring to us, big or small.

Watch this video to learn about the stages of private practice you will experience.

Running a private practice is a significant undertaking, and we believe you deserve a practice that runs smoothly, is profitable, efficient, and compliant. 

RWS understands that practice services can often seem like “just another bill”, given how many costs and strictures are placed upon you. Our response is to set out a scope of works for each task you set us, explain the timeline and the costs, and also explain how our effectiveness will be measured. Expert advice is a necessary expense and we will demonstrate to you that our advice and assistance represents great value for your money. 

Delighted RWS clients

The benefits for you

We offer turn-key solutions – RWS do it for you
We build a system so your practice runs on autopilot. We provide a clear, strategic plan to build the practice you are aiming for. Relax knowing you will not have to design and manage systems from scratch.  

You get paid.
Billing audits are conducted to ensure you receive monies owed to you from health funds, Medicare and patients.

You are in control.
Your approval is sought for all activities, so you stay in control. We do as much or as little as you like. Our job is to guide you based on what we have seen work for other practices, but you are an individual with your own goals and we respect that – all decisions are yours to make and the RWS team have ‘got your back.’ 

We help you build a profitable practice.
We help you build professional referrer relationships, focussing on providing educational opportunities, thus ensuring a profitable practice.

We are experienced – assisting doctors exclusively since 2005. 
Our experience in the industry will directly benefit your private practice – no need to reinvent the wheel. We offer invaluable insight into the likely pitfalls and hurdles to avoid, so you can rest assured your practice is set up to be fully compliant, within regulatory requirements – learn from the mistakes of others without paying the price at your practice. 


You have made a good business choice.
RWS is well known, trusted and respected. We have been helping doctors across Australia since 2005. 

We offer flexibility
Your private practice needs are constantly evolving – RWS evolves with you. Our service adapts to meet your changing requirements. You have the flexibility and control to select a service package to suit your current needs and switch between service areas as your demands fluctuate.

We are a cost effective solution.
You only pay for what you need. You can pick and select the services that you require. 

The service is Australia wide – no matter where you are, we can assist. 
We provide services to doctors across Australia, servicing all metropolitan and rural locations. 

We help you to retain your employees.
RWS ensures your compliance, recruitment, management and training are sorted. When you are ready for your own staff or need help with your existing team, we recruit, train, and manage. This includes all compliance documentation, so you don’t have this worry. Whether you are starting out or an established doctor, we can get everything happening for you!