$20,000 Small Business write off

Many doctors are taking advantage of the $20,000 write off – getting Rooms with Style to upgrade the interior design of their rooms. The government recently incentivised small business by stating that $20,000 of assets purchased up until 30th June 2017 can be immediately written off.

This provides a great opportunity for you to upgrade the interior design of your rooms.

It is amazing how new furniture, art and accessories can transform your space.

Rooms with Style has been busy indeed with doctors taking advantage of this.

We provide a full interior design service including all waiting room furniture, window furnishings, office furniture, art and accessories.

When you buy directly from Rooms with Style you get the following benefits:

  • We select and source everything for you and manage deliveries
  • You pay less that recommended retail
  • Your practice looks fantastic and you stay ahead of the competition