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Are your rankings poor?
Maybe it’s because your competitors are blogging and you are not!

Writing regular posts is not only a great way to communicate with your patient base and referrers, it’s also an effective tool for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in turn driving traffic to your site. When ranking websites Google favours those which have plenty of well-written relevant content.

You needn’t be penning a 3000 word essay each time, rather a short article ranging from 300 – 600 words. When writing a post keep to one subject or idea per post. Given that people tend to to skim read online, it’s good practice to break the information up into sections with clear headers, paragraphs and structure.

Where appropriate you can add links to reference other sites and information, or indeed if you have written on the subject previously, link back to it in your post. Again Google likes to see this sort of practice. In some cases the post may be based around sharing a link to another article or site with some of your own commentary to introduce (or reflect) on the linked information. e.g “See this interesting article on cancer treatment in the UK, these advancements will be available in Australia soon…”

When it comes to publishing a post be sure to add it to the relative category and add tags. This will improve organisation of information on the front end of your site, and help users find relevant information more quickly.

By posting regularly, Google will see your website as useful and functioning. Conversely, if a site remains in a stagnant, untouched state it can negatively affect your rankings as Google will index the site less frequently.

Understandably it’s a challenge to find time for writing a blog, but WordPress has some great features to help you develop your ideas. For example you can save a post as a draft then come back to it for further revision, or write several articles in one session then schedule the publication for later dates. It’s also possible to distribute your content from your blog directly to social media sites with the click of a button. Or give users the option to receive notifications of new posts on your blog by entering their email address.

Let us know if you need assistance with setting up your blog or would like to schedule a one on one tutorial. If you simply don’t have the time our in-house marketing team can generate content on your behalf.

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