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Does your practice need a social responsibility program?

One of the areas that is very important to a recruitment candidate when they are looking for a job is, ‘does the practice show some level of social responsibility?’.

People like to work for a practice that has a purpose other than simply being a business. Of course, in healthcare there are lots of examples of social responsibility where doctors are giving their time and energy above and beyond to patients. However, ensuring there are some other activities that are happening can help to secure, retain and motivate an employee.

RWS implements a social responsibility program for you that is simple and can include areas such as:

1. Having a policy around genuine hardship.

2. Having a charitable activity each year.

3. Being aware of the environment and taking measures to reduce environmental impact. E.g., minimising disposable products and water use.

These three example areas can be included at your practice to help motivate staff and feel like they are working for an organisation with a higher purpose.

Looking after the psychosocial welfare of your employees is also part of your obligations as an employer. Operating a social responsibility program can go a long way to show that you are interested in the welfare of the community along with your staff member.

Get in touch today to learn more about how RWS can help implement a Social Responsibility Program in your practice.

People Problems?

Good staff are hard to find and are vital to the daily running of your practice, but what happens when something goes wrong? Managing staff performance and conduct effectively as well as making sure you comply with all regulations isn’t easy. Do it well and you can reduce your business costs and increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff.