COVID-19 podcast | I.T management

This podcast has been recorded for medical specialists in private practice to help you manage your I.T. system during the current pandemic. The information is general in nature. Please seek advice from your service providers for further information regarding your individual circumstances.

Nick Downing, Victorian State Manager for Medihost Solutions, speaks with Caroline Chaplin about I.T. solutions during the pandemic. Medihost are specialists in I.T. solutions for medical practice.

How the I.T side of medical business is most likely to be affected during the pandemic. Topics discussed include:

  • Working from home
  • Priorities and what to ask your IT provider
  • IT system security
  • Setting up remote access
  • Internet Speeds, NBN and data
  • Home internet connections and preferred devices
  • Telephone solutions
  • Doctors and telehealth
  • Communication platforms (Zoom, Slack, Skype)
  • Hardware, internet providers and cashflow