Making a Positive Impression on Patients

Making a positive impression on patients

Making a Positive Impression on Patients – 3 tips for your practice

A major contributor to practice prosperity is the first impression patients form. What we know from years in this business is that patients report back to their GPs about you! Ensure the experience is a positive one.

Make Each Patient Feel Special

When a patient first visits your rooms, or enquires by phone, make a concerted effort to understand their needs and what you can provide to meet those needs. They should do most of the talking to begin with, before you attempt to provide a solution. An ongoing relationship grows from a positive first impression, followed by a demonstration of your compassion and care. Seriously consider formal training for your staff in this area. RWS can provide this service for you. We run a “First Impressions Training” (which includes telephone training, dressing for success and body shape). Don’t leave first impressions to chance.

Aim to Exceed Patient Expectations

Think of ways at your practice to exceed expectations of patients. Staff might be able to make the elderly a cup of tea for example. As a minimum each patient should be chatted to with pleasantries that are relevant to them. For example, “Good morning Mr Smith, how has your day been so far?” is welcoming and shows you care. Everyone wants to feel valued.

Address sources of dissatisfaction

If a patient is not happy find out why. You don’t want patients returning to GPs to voice their discontent without you even realizing they were unhappy. Set the expectation for staff to ask patients how they found the service. A feedback box also works well. This will allow you to rectify any issues (hopefully before they return to their GP) and will provide fantastic marketing data for you as well.

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