What marketing is befitting a medical specialist?

Caroline, RWS director discusses…

When it comes to doctors and marketing, Relationship Marketing works best – this is where relationships are formed by collegiate information sharing (face-to-face and via electronic media).
A combination of base and bespoke marketing activities are the best way to build relationships, maintain your standards and be seen as a capable professional.
However, we are seeing an increase in doctors marketing in unusual places. (For example on the back of shopper dockets and in publications such as local yachting clubs and the like).

It is my advice to tread carefully and ask yourself the following two questions:
  1. Is this allowable by AHPRA? (if you have concerns check)
  2. Is the activity befitting of a medical specialist?

The AOA is currently working with AHPRA to tighten the guidelines around marketing.
This may continue to happen with other specialty organisations too.
Be careful.

Just as a reminder:

  • You cannot solicit (ask for) reviews
  • You cannot exaggerate your abilities – ‘I am the best….’
  • Be careful not to exaggerate outcomes either
  • Doctors are not supposed to advertise in media as mentioned above

For more information on referrer marketing contact me on my email: caroline@roomswithstyle.com.au