Marketing for Doctors

Medical Marketing for Doctors & Specialists

RWS (Rooms with Style) provides online marketing and referrer marketing for Doctors and Specialists, to create strategies to make your business profitable and thrive. Customised strategies are based on KPI we know must be achieved for practice success. RWS creates a medical marketing machine that rolls out a consistent, professional campaign without you having to do the hard work. Stop stressing about your referrals – RWS has you covered.

RWS provides an extensive range of services for doctors in private practice. Our services are specifically designed to make your private practice more profitable, compliant and efficient. We are the experienced and trusted industry professionals in medical marketing for doctors and specialists. RWS is a proud presenter and sponsor of The Royal Australasian College of specialists, Preparation for Practice Program – bringing our wealth of practice experience to doctors across Australia.

Complimentary Consultation

The benefits for you:

Turn Key Solutions – RWS Do It For You.
We build a system so your practice runs on autopilot, without you having to do the hard work. Feel in control – having a clear, strategic plan. Relax knowing you will not have to design and manage systems from scratch and you will always know what is going on. We even manage your project and all compliance documentation, so you don’t have this worry.
Experienced – RWS Are Exclusively For Doctors.
Our experience in the industry will directly benefit your private practice – no need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve been helping doctors establish and grow in business for 12 years and understand what it takes for you to thrive and avoid stagnation. We offer invaluable insight into the likely pitfalls and hurdles to avoid, so you can rest assured your practice is set up to be fully compliant, within regulatory requirements.

Cost effective – Our Systems Save You Dollars!

The Service is Australia wide – No Matter Where You Are, We Can assist!
We provide services to doctors across Australia, servicing all metropolitan and rural locations.


Referrer Marketing

We contact your referrers, set up meetings/lunches, send out literature, build and maintain your referral base.



Graphic Design

Your practice branding, brochures, profiles, signage design and stationery.



We build fully responsive websites to suit all budgets. Our service includes Australian based hosting.



We write effective copy for your website, brochures and social media.



Online Presence

Online practice newsletters and social media.




Information nights, launches, festive functions and opening parties.


Video Productions

Professional videos uploaded to your website of your practice and services.




High quality, professional images of your practice and your team.


Referrer Marketing

RWS know how crucial it is for you to develop and maintain a solid referrer base. It takes time and consistency to build great relationships with your referrers. Our experience shows that effective campaigns need to be conducted consistently over a 12-18 month period. The aim being to build referrer trust and confidence and develop a professional image for you and your practice.

We work with you to prepare a marketing strategy to suit your geographical areas, available time and budget.
RWS create a database for your target locations. Marketing activities include making telephone calls to your referrers, setting up meetings, arranging lunches and sending out customised letters and marketing literature. On a monthly basis we analyse your results and decide actions necessary to remain “top of mind’ with referrers.
Don’t leave your referrals to chance – this is the cornerstone of your business.

Graphic Design

RWS develops a marketing identity for you. We create a unique brand that reflects you and your practice; enabling patients and referrers to identify you from the crowd. Once your identity is developed, it is consistently repeated across all your practice marketing materials. This consistency fosters a strong link to you and your practice.

We design logos, letterhead, appointment cards, script pads, profiles, moving cards and brochures.

RWS can provide additional marketing materials as requested. Such materials may include:

  • online patient registration forms
  • medical certificates
  • surgical quotation templates.

We also design advertisements, brochures and presentations as required – all dedicated to showcasing your services in a professional and stylish manner.

Online Presence

RWS develops a professional, online presence that complements your practice. An online marketing campaign is devised to ensure your marketing is timely, relevant and consistent.

We provide the following services:
  • The monitoring and maintenance of your online business listing(s) – so patients and referrers have the correct information to find you.
  • Practice newsletters and posts – our team keeps your website ranking strongly by creating informative, practice newsletters and posts. We will prepare copy and create a contemporary design that will look great and read well.
  • Social networking – we help you build and maintain appropriate and professional social networks to connect with your referrers.


Copywriting is an essential but often overlooked part of your overall marketing strategy and clear communications are the key to growing your practice.

  • We write effective copy for your website, brochures and social media to engage with your patients, referrers and prospects alike.
  • We can ensure your website ranks well in search engines and that readers are engaged with relevant content.
  • We write, edit and proofread copy to a standard that ensures you are always putting your best forward with your online and offline content.
  • We conform to AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) guidelines.


RWS provides event management for our doctors.

We organise for you any or all of the following:

  • Information night for referrers or patients
  • Launches of new products or services
  • Opening parties
  • Festive functions
  • Referrer workshops
We handle the entire process for you. The service includes:
  • Marketing the event
  • Designing and sending out invitations
  • Managing rsvps
  • Attaining CPD points
  • Creating professional presentations
  • Meeting AV requirements
  • Organising catering and beverages
  • Designing and preparing show bags for attendees
  • Approaching potential sponsors
  • Design and printing of marketing materials

Everything is taken care of and is planned to suit your objectives and budget.


Showcase your practice with high-impact marketing photography to promote your services to patients and referrers.Great photos create a great first impression!

Ensure your marketing conveys images of you as capable, skilled, professional and approachable. RWS photographs ensure your practice looks:

  • Professional
  • Contemporary
  • Stylish

Perception is reality! Don’t leave first impressions to chance – ensure your practice stands out and looks great.Our highly experienced photographic team work with you to plan your shoot – we ensure you get the best shots of your rooms both inside and outside. We take professional images of you and your staff, mock ups shots of patient treatments and even go into surgery as required by you.

We edit the shots to ensure your team look their best and the facility is impressive. Finished photos are sent to you in high and low resolution for you to use in any print or electronic media you choose.

You own the rights to all photos taken. Shoots can take as little as two hours on site – ensuring minimal interruption to your practice. Flexible packages available – to suit the size of your practice and your budget.

Video Productions

Build your online presence and educate referrers and patients, with high quality videos for your website.

Ensure you are showcasing your practice via most current marketing channels. More and more specialists are utilising this service to:

  • Promote their practice and services
  • Showcase specialty skills
  • Showcase surgeries
  • Educate referrers (to help build your referral base)
  • Create a competitive edge
  • Better rankings

We have a number of packages available to suit your requirements and your budget. Videos are filmed at the convenience of your rooms or in our studio. All footage is professionally edited to showcase you as a skilled, approachable professional.

Complimentary Consultation – Medical Marketing

Book now for a Complimentary Consultation for your practice, held personally with Caroline Chaplin, director and founder of RWS (Rooms with Style).

RWS provides management to consolidate your practice (bringing peace of mind and protection for your investment) and marketing to grow your business (learn to increase profits with less effort).

During your Complimentary Consultation we will reveal strategies to:

  • Grow your business
  • Help build long lasting relationships with referrers
  • Overcome obstacles at your practice
  • Ensure you are compliant
  • Enable you to achieve the results you deserve
  • Help you benchmark your practice

Note, any information you provide below will be treated in the strictest confidence. Your information will not be shared with any third party.