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In Geelong Victoria and across Australia, RWS (Rooms with Style) provide a wide range of services specifically for doctors in private practice. The services we offer are designed specifically to make your private practice more profitable, compliant and efficient. Helping doctors Australia-wide for over a decade, RWS (Rooms with Style) are trusted and experienced industry professionals.

As a proud presenter and sponsor of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Preparation for Practice Program – RWS have brought our wealth of practice experience to doctors in Geelong Victoria and across Australia.

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The benefits for our doctors in Geelong:

Turn Key Solutions – RWS Do It For You
For practices across Australia, including Geelong, RWS build a system so your practice runs on autopilot – without you having to do the hard work. With a clear, strategic plan in place, you are in control, and you’ll always know what’s going on. There’s no need to design and manage systems from scratch, so you can relax. We can even take care of your staff and all compliance documentation for you.

Experienced – RWS Are Exclusively For Doctors
Why invent the wheel? Your private practice can benefit directly from our years of experience in the industry. For over 12 years, RWS have helped doctors in Geelong set up and successfully develop their practices. We understand what it takes for a practice to thrive and will provide invaluable insight into the likely pitfalls and hurdles you need to avoid. You can rest assured that your practice is set up within regulatory requirements, and fully compliant.

Cost effective – Our Virtual Systems Save You Dollars

Whether your practice is in Geelong or anywhere else Australia wide, you can take advantage of the entire RWS team. You’ll have immediate access to an experienced, professional team through our Virtual Practice Management (VPM) service, for significantly less than staff wages.

Flexibility – As Your Practice Needs Change
As your private practice needs evolve, RWS evolves with you and adapts to meet your fluctuating needs. You can select a service package to suit your current priorities, giving you the flexibility and control to switch easily between service areas, as your demands change.

Australia wide service– we can assist no matter where you are
RWS provide services to doctors in Geelong and throughout Australia, including all metropolitan and rural areas.

Some of our clients:

NAB Health Magazine Content Providers
Australian Business Award Winner
Annual presenter at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Client Testimonials:


From conception to completion, RWS creates and designs your practice space. There’s no need to worry about building compliance and council permits for your Geelong practice. RWS do the hard work for you.

Our vast experience allows you to walk in and start consulting straight away. We can help you achieve efficient, high functioning rooms from Day One.

We also have medical equipment and design products covered at competitive prices. We can recommend options according to your needs and budget, bringing products to your door for convenience. More details


Great staff are the backbone of your Geelong practice. We recruit new personnel, manage existing staff, and also offer a hybrid virtual solution for your fluctuating practice staffing needs.

Save yourself the headache and leave practice staff management and practice staff recruitment to the experts. We ensure all compliance documentation and procedures for your Geelong practice are in order – so you can rest assured your practice is set up to be fully compliant and within regulatory requirements. We offer a turnkey solution for medical practice staff management and recruitment, in Geelong so you don’t have to do this work. More details

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We provide effective referrer marketing for our Geelong doctors and online strategies to make your business is not only profitable, but it’s thriving. We formulate customized strategies based on key performance indicators for practice success.

So you don’t have to do the hard work, RWS’s marketing machine rolls out a consistent, professional campaign to keep relationships with your referral base strong.

RWS has you covered with strategies to maintain a steady, ongoing relationship with referrers. More details.


RWS provide turn key practice solutions for your Geelong practice, building a system so your practice runs on autopilot – without you having to do the hard work. Improve profits, efficiency and day to day operations with smarter process design and more effective business systems. Including Practice Health Checks, reporting controls, and a full book keeping and payroll service including superannuation, RWS develop an Operations Manual for your Geelong business, to ensure you retain your IP in the event that staff moves on. RWS also provide training for doctors and staff on all practice financial areas including: understanding surgical billing and health funds, compliant surgical process and benchmarking for your business to track the continued health of your practice. More details

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RWS is a proud presenter and sponsor of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Preparation for Practice Program – bringing our wealth of practice experience to doctors in Geelong and across Australia.

Medical services in Geelong
In the Geelong area in Victoria, there are five main hospitals, three of which are Private, and two being Public. Geelong Private Hospital is a small private hospital located on the corner of Bellarine and Ryrie Streets. With between 50 and 100 beds, this hospital offers Coronary Care unit. St John of God Hospital located on Myers Street has between 100 and 199 beds. Coronary, Obstetric and Intensive care units and services are provided at this private hospital. The Geelong Clinic is a small private hospital with fewer than 50 beds. Located in St Albans Park Geelong, this hospital offers psychiatric services. The McKellar Centre is a public specialist rehabilitation hospital with between 100 and 199 beds. Services provided here include domiciliary care, geriatric assessment, hospice, nursing home and rehabilitation units. University Hospital Geelong is the area’s largest hospital, with between 200 and 500 beds available. This public hospital has an Emergency Department, and offer a wide range of hospital services with dedicated units for Acute renal dialysis, Alcohol and Drug, Bone Marrow transplantation, Cardiac surgery, Clinical genetics, Coronary care, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Infectious diseases, Intensive care, Maintenance renal dialysis, Major plastic or reconstructive surgery, Obstetrics, Oncology, Paediatrics, Psychiatric, and Sleep.