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Changing the way we share medical knowledge

Gaining popularity in medical education, medical podcasts are a helpful and convenient way for doctors and clinicians to keep up to date on the latest medical developments, procedures and interventions.

Many doctors, General Practitioners in particular, are under immense pressure to stay up to date with the latest developments in medical advancements, current thinking and clinical practice – to cover the full spectrum of medical conditions their patients present with on a daily basis.

The convenience of a podcast offers bite size topics of information as the clinician requires them. It allows doctors to quickly gain an understanding of key issues that may be applied immediately in day to day patient care.

In this way, medical podcasts for doctors can be a powerful relationship building tool to strengthen engagement with your referral base and to further build your professional profile.

Through podcasts doctors gain specialist medical knowledge quickly, easily and in their own time. Hearing directly from specialist experts, medical podcasts allow doctors to deepen their general understanding of various topics and conditions.

RWS can work with you to produce medical podcasts on your area of expertise, which can then be used to boost the effectiveness of referral marketing efforts. All of our podcasts are made by doctors for doctors.

Want to learn more about making a podcast, simply call our office on 1300 073 239 or explore the PodMD podcast library


  • What is PodMD? 

    PodMD is a medical sharing initiative that gives listeners direct access to informative and up-to date podcasts by doctors for doctors.

  • Who is behind PodMD?

    PodMD is an initiative between Dr Sean Mackay (Melbourne based Surgeon) and Caroline Chaplin (Director of RWS), and is focused on building links between specialists and General Practitioners through improved communications and shared content of medical podcasts.

  • How do I record a podcast?

    Recording a podcast with RWS is a very simple and straightforward process. Your first step will be to contact us on 1300 073 239, or via email

    Our team will then work with you to develop a draft discussion guide, covering key areas you wish to discuss. You will then be booked in for your podcast recording session, which can be completed anywhere in Australia.