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Medical Equipment – Medical Rooms for Doctors

RWS (Rooms with Style) has over 12 years specialist experience in the planning, design and building of medical rooms for doctors, providing access to a wide range of specialist medical equipment.

Interior design clients enjoy reduced prices on all medical equipment. This is an important part of our medical rooms for doctors service. Medical equipment is a necessary part of successful rooms and can be expensive and time consuming to purchase, particularly for start up doctors when cashflow is only starting to build and you are not always sure what you will need long term.

Our medical wholesalers provide top quality products at prices less than recommended retail. This represents significant savings for our clients. Wholesalers chosen by RWS (Room with Style) are efficient and reliable, ensuring your rooms get off to a great start.

RWS (Rooms with Style) medical rooms for doctors provides for you:

  • Medically Accredited Privacy Curtains and Rails
  • Examination beds (electronic and other)
  • Equipment trolleys (single and double)
  • X-ray viewing boxes
  • Blood pressure units
  • Medical lights – affixed and free standing
  • Soap dispensers and towel dispensers
  • Consumables
  • Autoclaves
  • Some specialty equipment

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A word of warning

Be wary of buying medical equipment through internet companies that may not be reputable.
Throughout our years designing medical rooms for doctors we have seen many specialists face great difficulties from unverified suppliers they had purchased from.

The RWS (Rooms with Style) interior designer will assess your medical equipment needs as your project progresses. Standalone purchases of medical equipment will also be considered. Please contact the RWS (Room with Style) offices for further details.

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