Practice Staff Management

Practice Staff Management

Great staff are vital for your practice. Poor staff lead to private practice decline. We have been managing staff for doctors for 12 years. Don’t waste your valuable time. It is a risk to do it yourself. It makes far better financial sense for you to see more patients and leave practice staff management to the experts. Take action today. It is a risk and a headache to try and manage staff yourself. It makes far better financial sense for you to see more patients and leave staff management to the experts. RWS (Rooms with Style) offers a very moderately priced practice staff recruitment service for our doctors.

Complimentary Consultation

We provide the following practice staff management services:

Practice Staff Management Advice

Our team of highly trained and highly experienced consultants are at your finger tips to answer any question you may have or handle any staff issue that may arise. Our Virtual Practice Management clients are our Gold Class customers. When you need us we are there!

Performance Management and Termination

When staff are underperforming we handle the situation for you, following all required legal protocols and documenting all actions.

RWS (Rooms with Style) handles all lawful terminations of staff at your practice so you don’t have to worry.

Practice Handbook

We work with your team to create two vital practice tools:

  1. HR Policies. These policies are a vital part of your staff management. They ensure fairness, compliance and set expectations. RWS creates tailored policies and procedures for you to ensure they meet your specific needs.
  2. A Practice Handbook (detailing all the practice information required for staff to operate the rooms. This is particularly vital to train new staff or if your staff are unavailable and you require temporary staff).

Position Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators

RWS provides your staff with detailed position descriptions relevant to their role and award. We provide role descriptions for receptionists, medical typists, medical secretaries, practice managers, book keepers and practice nurses.

RWS works with you to design Key Performance Indicators for your staff – specifically tailored to the needs of your practice. These indicators allow practice principals to measure the performance of their team. They are an essential practice staff management and motivational tool.

Induction of New Staff

RWS provides induction for all new staff members. Our induction service includes the following:

  • Offer of Employment detailing engagement terms
  • Statement of Engagement – covering all legislative requirements for commencement
  • An employment contract compliant with the National Employment Standards
  • The formalised position description
  • Creation of KPI’s for the role to create motivation and accountability
  • Completed Personnel Details form
  • Collation of superannuation and tax details
  • Pay Instructions
  • Fair Work Australia compliancy
  • Practice reporting/organisational structure outlined
  • An induction template tailored to your rooms
  • The induction meeting with the new staff member
  • Latest Work Safe guidelines presented.
  • Candidate and client profiling to ensure a suitable fit for your business

Staff training

See page on staff training here.