Referrer Marketing – Getting referrers and retaining them

Referrals are the lifeblood of your practice. It is of the utmost importance that you have systems in place to monitor and manage your referrer relationships. Appropriate medical marketing is crucial in the competitive environment of private practice.
We see many doctors who are paying the price for taking their eye off the ball, and not paying attention to their medical marketing. It is devastating to find your numbers dropping because others around you are marketing more efficiently. Don’t let this happen to you.

Time poor? Let RWS do the work for you. We will handle the medical marketing so you can concentrate on being a doctor. We know what works!

Some tips to gain and retain quality referrals:

See patients and referrers as customers

Develop a practice mantra that views referrers and patients as gold! Go the extra mile, fit people in, smile, educate when needed. Create a culture that fosters this for the entire patient/referrer journey.

Be available, be contactable

Take calls from referring doctors and offer them your mobile – particularly when starting out. Encourage them to call when they need some assistance – this will help to build trust in you.
Let them know your availability, especially over holiday times. Make it easy for them!

Fit emergencies in

Your “next-available” appointment may not be good enough. Find a way and a time to work in emergency or priority patients. This is key to developing and maintaining a strong referral base.

Turn around letters fast

When you see a patient, make sure you get letters back quickly – aim for three days max! If for any reason you are delayed make a call.

Give thanks

Thank your referrers. Thank their staff too. It makes a big difference. Handwritten notes always work!
Ask for feedback, monitor your referrer results
Don’t take your referrals for granted. Take care of those that entrust their patients to you. Watch your database and act when you see changes in your referrer patterns. Keep the lines of communication open.

The 3 golden rules of medical marketing still apply:

We are assisting doctors Australia wide with their medical marketing – because what we do works!
Contact RWS on 1300 073 239. For further info on how we can assist you.

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