RWS Coaching and Mentoring for Medical Professionals

RWS Coaching and Mentoring for Medical Professionals

You Don’t Have to Struggle Alone
There comes a time in almost everyone’s life – professional or personal – where one might feel a little stuck. You have worked hard to achieve all that you have, and goodness knows you’ve put in the hours, but perhaps you’ve reached a point in the journey where the path ahead isn’t so clear. And still, there are decisions to be made, actions to be carried out, people demanding of your expertise and energy, and only so much time in each day to make it all happen.

That’s when the presence and support of a strong mentor can be the guiding influence you need to move forward, to help you attain your goals, and ensure that you and your practice continue to grow in the direction you’ve always envisioned.

How Coaching/Mentoring Works
Medical professionals often report that they feel in limbo – trapped in a never ending cycle of busyness and daily tasks that they cannot change. It inhibits their ability to attend to things of greater importance such as devoting time to their life’s work, or developing professionally; and it can lead to feelings of isolation.

A good mentor and coach can help you to step back and gain an outside perspective; someone who can act as a sounding board for your ideas and issues and help you find clarity. It can be overwhelming to approach decision-making on your own, and a mentor serves as an accountability partner who can motivate you to stay focussed on your goals, and even help you to discover what those goals might be.

Mentorship can help you to identify personal blind spots and self-defeating behaviours that might be stopping you from making progress in your business and personal life; and provide a level of self-awareness and greater self-reliance for the future success of your business.

Coaching can address practical issues like developing structures and systems to help you set, prioritise and achieve your goals, and improve organisational and time management skills. If you’re experiencing problems with employees, productivity or any of the myriad of issues that small businesses face, a collaborative mentor-mentee relationship can help you to develop the leadership skills to manage these problems more effectively.

The Mentor You Need

Caroline Chaplin is a Certified Practitioner of Coaching and has been mentoring medical professionals around Australia, both personally and professionally, for over a decade. She understands the challenges that doctors face and is adept at providing honest, reliable and effective support so that you can be the director of your life and your business.

Start your Mentorship today

Call RWS to book an initial 30 minute complimentary session to discuss your goals and assess rapport with Caroline to determine if you would like to move things forward.

Future meetings will consist of one hour sessions fortnightly or monthly, which can take place face-to-face, on the telephone or online via Zoom.

Every session will be tailored to meet your needs and availability.