Simple tips to increase the usability of your practice website

One of the biggest mistakes many doctors make when designing their website is to focus solely on making it look great. Many website designers do not understand the medical industry and will sacrifice usability in order to make the design look more appealing.

Be warned…this leads to a website that does not generate much interest and confidence in your services.

Being in the medical industry, the level of involvement and research conducted by potential clients is, on average, twice as long as those in other industries.

How you present yourself and your practice to the person viewing your website, determines whether or not your practice makes the short list of enquiries they choose to submit.


Below are 3 simple tips to increase the usability of your site:


1.      Your Home Page & Navigation Should Be Like A Funnel

Research tells us potential clients won’t stop at just their main service of interest; they will explore related services and the “about us” page to find out more about YOU and YOUR practice – they want to learn more about who may be treating them!

Knowing this, organise and structure your “home page” and navigation into common groups, guiding the user to the areas they are interested in. The easier it is to navigate and explore your website, the more likely patients/referrers will find what they’re looking for – which leads to them engaging with you sooner. Make the experience relaxing, not frustrating.


2.      Your Contact Details Should Be So Easy To Find

If the user has to actively seek out a point of contact (ie a phone number or enquiry form) straight away it’s becoming too hard for them to make contact. Every page of your website should always have 3 key areas that list a method of contact. Typically we place this info at the top, middle and bottom of each page.


3.      Relevance of the content to the imagery is important

Using images or pictures that have no relevance to the service you are offering will not only confuse the user, but potentially harm the chances of them engaging with you. For example, having a picture of children when you only see adults creates confusion!  You will end up with referrals you don’t want.

Image selection creates a lasting impression about you.  At RWS we encourage you to attain professional photographs of your practice.  This is a service we provide for our doctors.  Patients and referrers know when they are viewing stock images. If you would like to know about the packages we provide contact our offices.


RWS focuses on delivering great looking, practical sites at fantastic prices.  Our sites are from as little as $1500.

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