Social Media Marketing – How to start the process at your practice!

Social media is an important part of any marketing campaign for practices.  Many practices have engaged our services to ensure ethical and appropriate campaigns are put in place  – but should you decide you will DIY, here are some tips to consider:


Decide WHO

Allocate the responsibility of Social Media Marketing to one of your staff. Their role will be to manage the process, ensuring updates are made in a timely fashion and are approved PRIOR to uploading.

The manager of the Social Media Marketing won’t necessarily be writing all the text required – they simply manage the process.  They will also have the job of allocating the right person for a particular update, (eg a practice nurse or clinician would be the best placed member of your team to write an update pertinent to a clinical topic).

lightbulb Have a “back up” staff member for when your social media person is on leave!
Keep the ball rolling!


Decide WHEN

I have found that a frequency of about once per month will suffice for social media uploads and updates at most practices. The reality is that private practice is busy – once a month is realistic and means that you will have valuable info to share as you won’t exhaust all quality material.


Decide WHERE

This largely depends on who your referrers are, but as a general rule most practices can benefit from a campaign on Linked In and a practice BLOG/Newsletter.

Other social media options such as Twitter and Facebook need to be considered with caution. RWS would always assess the potential benefits and pitfalls on an individual practice basis before including these options in any campaign.



The internet has a permanence factor that can’t be ignored!  Ensure a clear process is in place where approval is granted before any social media update occurs.  Approval should be sought by the business principal in writing. The approval process would look something like this:



Get the entire process documented and put into your Operations Manual – this way if your social media person leaves, the process is recorded and another staff member may be trained.


Decide WHAT

The best way to decide what matter and material is most relevant to use is to ask your target market – what would they like to know?  Feedback ensures your updates and uploads are relevant, informative – presenting your practice as a professional, happening business. Even if your target market don’t actually read your info they will form this perception!!

So good luck with your social media campaign – sticking to the rules above will avoid setting up a “hit and miss“ campaign that peters out!  Social media is here to stay – your practice can benefit from it at very low cost.


Contact RWS on 1300 073 239 and for all your marketing requirements.  It makes sense to outsource to the experts.



Caroline Chaplin


Director of Rooms with Style