The RWS team

Our team has been carefully selected to provide a diverse skill set – all designed to achieve optimal performance and success for your private practice.


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Caroline founded the company with one clear and dedicated vision; to make private practice easier and more enjoyable for doctors: “Working in the medical industry made it apparent to me that there was limited practice support available for doctors and clinicians. Seeing this gap in the market I set about developing a highly qualified team, who could provide the exact services a private practice requires. 

The goal was to create a one-stop-shop of practice management services to make practice life easier, more profitable and more efficient. At RWS we are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to working with you to achieve the practice you want.” 

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Education and post-tertiary studies in Business and Practice Management. Caroline also has a post-grad Cert in Counselling (Edith Cowan University) and is a registered practitioner of coaching. She provides personal coaching and business mentoring for our doctors. Caroline’s role is management of the current and future direction of RWS. 

Virtual Practice Management (VPM) team 

Clare Bohan

VPM & Marketing Manager

Clare stands as a seasoned member of the RWS team, contributing her expertise since 2018. Her role extends to the comprehensive management of our valued clients, spanning various facets of the business with a particular focus on marketing strategies. 

Clare holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Health Promotion and is dedicated to collaborating with individuals to enhance health outcomes. Her academic background seamlessly intersects with the values of RWS, making her an asset to the team. 

Clare has demonstrated her proficiency in team management, having played pivotal roles in both contributing to and leading teams. Her commitment to RWS clients resonates not only in her management style but also in her practical application within the dynamic landscape of marketing. 

Michelle Knightley

HR & Recruitment Manager

Michelle has been the HR & Recruitment Manager at RWS since 2011 and has a tertiary qualification in Human Resources. 

Throughout this time at RWS, Michelle has gathered substantial experience and knowledge of the medical industry and knows the attributes your employees must possess. Her main source of satisfaction is finding the ideal candidate for your practice. 

Beyond recruitment tasks, a large part of Michelle’s role involves providing HR assistance to our doctors. Understanding the challenges that doctors face, she aims to assist you in managing your staff and dealing with any issues that may arise. It’s often acknowledged that managing HR matters can be particularly challenging for busy medical professionals, and Michelle takes pride in being your support system in this regard. This allows you to spend time doing what you do best – looking after your patients. 

Peter Chaplin

CEO – Finance, Practice and Virtual Reception 

Peter manages the Practice Management, Finance and Virtual Reception departments at RWS. 

He holds a Bachelor of Business and is a qualified CPA with over 20 years of experience in SME financial management.   

Peter enjoys working with specialists to ensure their practice operates optimally. He works to ensure doctors are set up with the appropriate financial procedures and practice KPIs, controlling debtors, meeting compliance obligations, and improving in-house procedures – all designed to enhance practice revenue and performance. He ensures the Virtual Reception setup is seamless for our doctors and trains practice staff if there are gaps in their knowledge. 

Peter particularly enjoys training doctors and their staff regarding correct billing procedures and performs many billing audits for our established practices.   

He works closely with the RWS HR team as well, covering other practice needs such as employee compliance obligations including payroll, leave entitlements and super, cash flow management, receipting/invoicing, project costing and OHS management. Peter has completed OHS training to support this work. 

Laura Alexander

HR, Recruitment & Marketing Specialist

Laura holds a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Management and Economics and has been an integral part of our team since 2021, continuously evolving and expanding her expertise.

Laura’s proactive administration and compliance skills contribute to efficient high-standard processes in the HR and marketing teams, making her a valuable asset to our clients. She is known in the office as a consummate all-rounder and contributes to all departments in the implementation of new processes and initiatives.

Laura brings experience in HR and operations management from a multinational organisation which is where she first found her niche in talent acquisition, marketing, and sales. Her retail background has given her a breadth of knowledge in business operations as well as a passion for genuine customer service and working with people. 

Rowena Sidhu

HR & Recruitment Coordinator

As part of the HR, recruitment and marketing teams, Rowena assists in and coordinates the recruitment process as well as the implementation of marketing strategies for clients.
With a keen eye for talent and a commitment to organisational excellence, she plays a pivotal role in shaping high-performing teams. Rowena firmly believes in the importance of finding the perfect fit for each client and understands that successful recruitment is not just about filling positions but about creating synergies that benefit both the individual and the organisation. 

Rowena holds a Master’s in International Relations, and has experience evaluating social and health policies in Australia, honing her interest in HR, recruitment and marketing. She has lived in several countries and speaks five languages, proving to be an asset in bridging strong client relations and thinking out of the box.

Cora Hintz

VPM & Administration Coordinator

Cora is a valued member of the RWS Finance and Practice Management team helping to service our doctors in an efficient and good-natured manner.

With her background in finance, she assists doctors and their staff in navigating the complexities of billing, by optimising processes and providing hands-on training. In addition, Cora takes a proactive approach to assist our doctors in streamlining debt management processes, and educating staff on effective strategies for handling patient and third-party outstanding accounts.

Beyond billing, Cora facilitates a smooth practice set-up for our doctors, ensuring all necessary registrations and systems are in place prior to their first patient interaction.

She recently completed her Master of Business Administration and holds a Bachelor of International Business management making her very well placed to provide efficient and professional service to our doctors in private practice. 

Michael Butler

Workplace Lawyer

Michael is an experienced workplace lawyer providing guidance and assistance to RWS clients, to ensure they are compliant and in line with HR and Workplace laws. Michael’s work includes employment, HR, discrimination, health & safety and industrial matters. Michael enjoys working with clients to help achieve clarity in the workplace and manage issues pro-actively so that they do not become entrenched and more costly to resolve.

Michael has over 25 years experience in this area and is the immediate past Chair of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Workplace Relations Section, past President of the Industrial Relations Society of Australia and life member, and past President, of the Industrial Relations Society of Victoria.

Lynette King

Accounts & Practice Finance

Lynette is part of the practice management team at RWS. She is a highly experienced accounts/book-keeper who has successfully managed business accounts since 2014.

Lynette’s extensive experience has spanned many industry sectors, including medically-focused companies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Diploma of Education. Lynette is a book-keeping and payroll specialist.

Lynette adopts a personable, practical approach to both clients and tasks. She enjoys working with our doctors to achieve consistent, timely and compliant results.

Virtual Reception

Lauren Carrillo

Virtual Reception and Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is a member of the RWS virtual reception and marketing team.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and has worked in multiple countries which has enabled her to hone in on her communication skills and establish lasting relations with clients.
As a virtual reception coordinator, Lauren guides healthcare providers through the setup of our virtual reception (VR) services. Throughout this process, Lauren offers recommendations to enhance software configurations and streamline operations. Moreover, ongoing support is provided, as she actively seeks and addresses feedback from healthcare providers and patients alike to continuously optimise the VR experience.

By implementing these improvements, Lauren adeptly manages appointments, addresses enquiries, and ensures a positive experience for patients.

Michael Gilliland

Virtual Receptionist

Michael distinguishes themself as an invaluable asset within our virtual reception team, leveraging a wealth of experience in executing medical reception duties across diverse fields such as general practice, psychology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, and gastroenterology.

Committed to exceptional customer service, their unwavering dedication ensures a positive and personalised experience for patients. 
Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an extended major in psychology, Michael seamlessly integrates academic prowess with practical expertise, exemplifying a holistic approach to their role within RWS.

Michael is a forward-thinking team member ready to elevate service standards in the healthcare sector. 

Georgia Lewry

Virtual Receptionist

Georgia’s contribution to the virtual reception team is invaluable, given her extensive experience in customer service and medical reception roles within general practice and podiatry settings. Her background equips her with an understanding of patient needs and administrative responsibilities, ensuring positive interactions and experiences.  
Studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science gives her the dedication to enhancing people’s health and wellness journeys. Georgia’s passion for enabling individuals to achieve their fitness goals resonates in her daily interactions, to create a supportive and encouraging environment.  
Additionally, her multicultural experiences from living and studying abroad have increased her communication skills, enabling her to effortlessly connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Carolina Zeng

Virtual Receptionist

Carolina is a valued member of the Virtual Reception Team.
Carolina has completed a double degree in Science and Biomedical Science. She aims to use this knowledge to connect with patients, hoping to develop strong relationships between patients and their doctors. Through doing this, she aims to become someone who makes positive change within the community. 

Carolina is a self-motivated individual and a flexible learner, who enjoys constantly learning and improving herself. 

Tegan Pimm

Virtual Receptionist

Tegan Pimm is a valued member of the Virtual Reception Team. With a rich background in customer service and reception duties, Tegan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Her dedication to providing exceptional service to doctors, practice staff and patients is evident in her attention to detail and care for each person she talks to.
Tegan’s passion for delivering the best possible customer experience is at the forefront of her work, as she strives to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression. Committed to helping people to the best of her abilities, Tegan strives to end every day feeling like she has made someone’s day a little better.

Erin O’Brien

Virtual Receptionist

Erin is a valued member of the Virtual Reception Team.

She has a wide range of experience in reception work, nursing home care, hospitality and COVID-19 clinics. All this experience provides amazing benefits for our Virtual Reception doctors.
Erin is currently undertaking a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (Clinical Leadership) and is passionate about helping our Virtual Reception patients along in their health journey. Her friendly and empathetic attitude ensures all patients leave a phone call with a smile on their face.  

Caroline Nicholson

Virtual Reception Manager (Established Practices)

At RWS Caroline Nicholson provides VR for established practices. Her role is to bring her wealth of experience to successfully coordinate efficient reception services for doctors who have been in private practice for some years. 

Caroline is adept at all areas of medical practice administration including billing, bookings, preparing lists and typing. 

The diligent and courteous nature of Caroline results in a virtual reception service that is second to none. Caroline also manages a small boutique team of reception staff to provide these services to our clients. 

Website & Graphic Design team

Tom Wilson

Senior Web Designer

Tom Wilson is a senior web designer at RWS. 

Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam Art School in Auckland NZ and continued his web design studies in Melbourne in Swinburne University’s Master of Multimedia programme. Upon graduation, he accumulated 6 years of experience running a successful web design studio. During this time, he designed and developed websites for a wide variety of clients including several medical practices. 

Tom builds attractive medical websites with a focus on clean design and usability. He listens carefully to the needs of our Specialists and incorporates everyone’s requirements into the website build. Balancing an eye for great design and technical understanding, Tom creates websites that are effective communication tools, designed to provide useful and relevant information to your patients and referrals in a quick and easy to find fashion. 

Tom keeps up with the latest web technologies and is always looking for new ways to grow your business through digital advances and technology. 

Frances Eddy

Senior Graphic Designer

Frances oversees the graphic design work for our clients. She has built a successful career in graphic design, advertising and marketing. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, and brings extensive experience across many niche industries, including the medical profession. She has worked with both individuals and large corporations, delivering impactful visual solutions. 

Frances is passionate and thoughtful and strives to make our doctor’s goals & dreams come to fruition. Her enduring enthusiasm for every facet of graphic design is evident throughout her career. Armed with a versatile skill set, she excels in implementing design initiatives and bespoke projects that resonate with our clients. 

Michelle Elias

Senior Graphic Designer

Michelle brings years of graphic design experience to RWS, specialising in creating brand identities that match our doctors’ personalities and values. She emphasises gaining a deep understanding of our physicians, ensuring designs are thoughtful and carefully considered, while also fostering productive and enjoyable collaborations. 

Michelle holds an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and has worked in the industry in both Australia and London. In her time designing, Michelle has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, spanning from dynamic start-ups to globally established companies, providing her with a distinctive insight into the design needs of doctors in private practice. 

Kereni White

SEO Specialist

Kereni completed a Bachelor of Multimedia Design at Monash University 2004 and has been in the industry since 2011 specialising in website development, website maintenance, social media integration, SEO, Google marketing and IT support.

Kereni has experience working with a diverse range of specialists and healthcare professionals. She has a strong focus on customer service and support, and assists RWS clients to better understand and feel comfortable with web and IT-related issues.

Kereni is passionate about helping RWS practices to reach their target audiences through effective online optimisation.

Marketing & Administration team

Joyce Lando

Marketing & Administration, Event Management

Joyce Lando is a highly skilled marketer and administrator. At RWS she specialises in marketing strategy, referrer relationships and tracking, data management and event management.

Prior to joining the RWS team in 2011, Joyce worked at a senior level in the pharmaceutical industry for 10+ years. Her extensive experience working with Specialists and General Practitioners gave her a great grounding in the understanding of private practice.

She is an efficient, engaging team member who enjoys the challenge of helping doctors achieve their business objectives. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has successfully completed the AMPA Continuing Education Program.

Declan Dempsey

PodMD, Marketing & Administration Coordinator

Declan is a valuable member of the RWS Marketing and PodMD team. He brings a wealth of experience having worked in marketing and digital marketing roles across several industries. Declan is a current postgraduate student at the University of Melbourne studying Information Technology. 
He also works behind the scenes of PodMD utilising his experience in the music and audio production industry to record, mix and edit PodMD podcast recordings.
Declan uses his multi-industry experience and strong analytical skills to provide RWS clients with effective solutions and quality service.

Julia Meo

Marketing Assistant

Julia is a member of the marketing and administrative team here at RWS.

As our Social Media specialist, Julia provides assistance in devising campaigns for clients on social media platforms so they can be found online and provide education on their services, whilst maintaining professional standards.

Julia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business, and has an interest in creating and implementing marketing solutions to foster growth and a professional presence for referrals and patients.
With a background in customer service, strong communication skills and high attention to detail, Julia delivers quality assistance to RWS clients. 

Katrina Young

Marketing and Administration

Katrina is a member of the RWS referrer marketing team.

She has recently completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Her acquired knowledge and passion for the healthcare system shines through when working with RWS clients.

Katrina works to ensure strong referral patterns for the RWS specialists. She aims to use her communication skills and high attention to detail to ensure she is always providing the best quality of service.

Lachlan Chaplin

Marketing and Administration

Lachlan is a member of the RWS referrer marketing team. 
He graduated from RMIT University, earning a Bachelor of Business with a specialised focus on entrepreneurship.

Lachlan has integrated into RWS smoothly. His pleasant nature makes him a natural in his role booking lunches for our specialists with GP practices. Lachlan is committed to improving the practices of all our doctors and enjoys the challenge of increasing the referral bases of our specialists.

Ellie Atto

Marketing and Administration

Ellie is a member of the RWS referrer marketing team.

She is currently completing a double degree in Commerce and Science at Monash University. Her previous experience in customer care and the healthcare system provides her with the knowledge and understanding to make strong referrer connections.

Ellie aims to use her strong communication skills and personable nature to provide a high quality of service and care to RWS clients.

Cohen Ruyters

Marketing and Administration

Cohen is part of the RWS referrer marketing team.
With a background in customer service and an emphasis on strong connections, Cohen uses his communication skills to provide high-quality service to RWS clients. He works diligently to build the referral base of new doctors.

He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Law with Honours at Monash University.

Angela Un

Marketing and Administration

Angela is a valued member of the RWS Marketing and Administration team. She is currently studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

With a passion for healthcare, she utilises her strong attention to detail, communication skills and customer service experience to provide RWS clients with high-quality service, striving to help them achieve their private practice goals.

Matthew O’Connell

Marketing and Administration

Matthew is a member of the RWS referrer marketing team.

He is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, with a major in Psychology. His keen and developed interest in the healthcare field allows him to understand the significant role of referrer connections for RWS clients.

Meg Ruyters

Marketing and Administration

Meg works in the RWS referrer marketing team. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Psychology. Her keen interest in healthcare helps facilitate referrer connections for RWS clients.

Meg’s strong customer service experience and keen eye for detail, allows her to provide quality assistance to RWS clients.

Fitouts/Design Team

Jack Tu


At RWS Jack works for our doctors as a registered Architect. He boasts over 8 years of experience in designing and producing high-end interiors and architecture, specialising in technical drawing documentation and CAD management. 

Jack is passionate about detail and aims to provide drawing documentation that while technical is still clear, direct and easy to understand for our specialists. 

In completed projects, Jack was able to provide a high level of sensibility for the requirements of doctors, staff and patients through clever layout and detailed design. 

He is a passionate member of the RWS team committed to providing excellence. 

Nally Pillay

Interior Designer

With a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) and industry experience in Melbourne & Sweden since 2011, Nally is a versatile and seasoned creative professional. She has worked for leading architectural firms across many sectors including residential, commercial and healthcare, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each design project. 

Driven by a passion for designing functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, Nally prioritises the user experience, particularly in the realm of health and wellness. Beyond design, she is committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free client journey for our doctors, cultivating meaningful connections with builders, and stakeholders alike. With a meticulous eye for detail and exceptional organisational and communication skills, Nally transforms practice visions into vibrant realities for our specialists. 

Lisa Crothers

Interior Designer

Lisa is a Senior Interior Designer with RWS, having beautifully decorated and styled numerous commercial properties across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Since 2004, Lisa has honed her skills in an array of interior design mediums, including colour, textiles, lighting and styling.

Her depth of experience has also included the successful management and styling of advertising campaigns, TV commercials and major photographic shoots for a range of commercial businesses.

She is extremely passionate and detail oriented, remaining respectful to the taste and budget of our doctors at all times. Lisa is a diligent and talented designer – motivated by achieving the doctor’s goals and objectives.

She is a vital part of the RWS renovation team.


Melanie Van Kuyk

Interior Designer

Melanie is the Head Interior Designer at RWS, having renovated, styled, and decorated numerous commercial projects across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula within the healthcare sector. She completed her Interior Design Certification in 2016. 

Melanie’s passion lies in creating spaces that support health & wellbeing. She can translate your vision into reality adhering to your brief and budget. Her projects demonstrate much attention to detail and efficiency. 

Designing since 2012, Melanie can bring colour, texture, lighting, art and furnishings together in a way that elevates your practice both in feel and functionality; with a strong focus on creating a positive experience for your patients. 

Melanie also has extensive real estate experience and has completed a certificate through The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) and works with our doctors to locate optimal rooms for their private practice. This may mean sourcing a full suite or a single room within an existing practice for you. 

Photography and Videography Team

Jack Foley

Melbourne Photographer

Jack is an accomplished photographer with a decade of professional experience. He has a highly versatile portfolio in numerous industries including health, commercial, and corporate. 
With a personalised approach, he works closely with clients to achieve the desired outcomes and is experienced in headshots, collaborative shots, corporate events, architecture and web/social media content. Jack has a personable nature and prides himself on making our doctors feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens. 

Michael Findlay

Melbourne Photographer

Michael has worked in the design and photography industry for 30 plus years with both government and corporate clients bringing to RWS experience in architectural, portrait and editorial photography.

He is able to put doctors and staff at ease making them and their rooms look wonderful. This complements the creative visual inputs from other members of the RWS design team (web, video, graphic and interior design).

With attention to detail and an eye for what will work for web and printed material Michael aims to photograph client’s rooms in a way that reflects their professionalism and standards of patient care.

Robert Edwards

Sydney Photographer

Having photographed hundreds of medical professionals across many practices, Robert is well-conversed with the needs of medical specialists when it comes to photography. With over twenty years of experience in commercial photography, Robert is passionate about his craft and always provides the best customer service. 
Robert has a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography & Video and is an Accredited Professional Photographer. He was awarded the distinction of Honorary Fellow to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 2016. Robert works diligently to achieve professional results befitting a medical specialist. 

Takeshi Kondo


Takeshi is an in-house videographer at RWS. Since 2009, he brings professional experience as a director & camera operator, creating commercial cinematography.

Though his career he has been involved in diverse national and international projects including; TVC, Medical videos, Broadcast News, Documentaries and High quality online content.
He is highly focused to bring the best image quality from emerging technologies, working closely with you, to achieve the desired outcomes for your medical practice.